I work at Buoy Software (present).

I worked at Epion Health (2017 - 2022), where I:

Hired a development team

Led new products from conception to production

Fulfilled different roles as the Development team grew from 3 to 22 people

Enabled new workflows by performing database migrations and refactors
on an application with 8.000 requests per minute, with no downtime

Helped run a Book Club and regular Lunch and Learn sessions

I wrote articles for withatwist.dev blog

I worked at the thoughtbot consultancy (2014 - 2016), where I:

Built and maintained applications in Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix

Participated in Design Sprints

Wrote articles for the thoughtbot blog

Maintained doorkeeper, paperclip, and suspenders ruby gems

Helped run The New York City Vim Meetup and
First-Time Open Source Contributor Workshops

Wrote the Maintaining Open Source Projects ebook

I built the merit gem open source project in 2011, and currently maintain it

I worked at a startup in Startup Chile (2012), where I:

Worked alongside several early stage entrepreneurs in Santiago de Chile

Built and maintained an application in Ruby on Rails

Saw several live examples of “The Lean Startup”

I run a Refactoring Ruby workshop (in Spanish, 2018, 2022)

Ran it in RubyConf Argentina and RailsConf 2014,
the Flatiron School, and the Ruby Roundtable meetup

I also:

Live in Alta Gracia, Córdoba

Studied Computer Sciences in Universidad de Buenos Aires (2005 - 2011)

Rode a motorcycle around South America (2018)

Experienced a total solar eclipse (2019), and I recommend you do too!

Fly small airplanes as a Private Pilot (2022)