Software developer at Epion Health.
Formerly thoughtbot, General Assembly.

Maintains open source projects:

merit gem

Maintained open source projects:

doorkeeper gem

paperclip gem

suspenders gem

Wrote articles for the thoughtbot blog.

Wrote the Maintaining Open Source Projects book.

Ran workshops:

First-Time Open Source Contributor Workshops

Web Accessibility Workshop at NYU (Nov. 22nd, 2015)

Refactoring Ruby (at conferences, code schools, and meetups)

Spoke at conferences:

Open Source & Feelings 2015

RubyConf Argentina 2014

RailsConf 2014

RubyConf Argentina 2013


encyclomap: discover the world around you
(offline due to Wikimapia API being down)

Habitos: Keep up with your resolutions
Rewritten in Sinatra, Rails, suspenders, Elixir/Phoenix,
backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Bourbon, and counting.