I work at Epion Health (since 2017), where I:

Hired a development team

Enabled new workflows by performing database migrations and major refactors
on an application with 6500 requests per minute, with no downtime

Lead new products from conception to production

Help run a Book Club and regular Lunch and Learn sessions

I write articles for withatwist.dev blog

I worked at thoughtbot (2014 - 2016), where I:

Helped build and maintain applications in Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix

Wrote articles for the thoughtbot blog

Helped run The New York City Vim Meetup and
First-Time Open Source Contributor Workshops at the office

Maintained doorkeeper, paperclip, and suspenders gems

Wrote the Maintaining Open Source Projects ebook

I built the merit gem open source project in 2011, and currently maintain it

I run a Refactoring Ruby workshop (in Spanish, 2018, 2022)

Ran it in RubyConf Argentina and RailsConf 2014,
the Flatiron School, and the Ruby Roundtable meetup

I also:

Live in Alta Gracia, Córdoba

Studied Computer Sciences in Universidad de Buenos Aires

Worked at a startup in Startup Chile (2012)
Several early stage entrepreneurs worked together in Santiago

Ran full marathons (up to 2015). I continue to run, but sane distances now

Rode a motorcycle around South America (2018)

Experienced a total solar eclipse (2019), and I recommend you do too!